Buying a bespoke kitchen or a custom made design with us is not as expensive as you think. To give an approximate estimate we have listed some examples below. Every kitchen we make becomes completely unique and the price as well. The price varies depending on how large the kitchen is, how much special solutions are needed, the number of cabinets and of course which cabinet interior you choose in the end.

Price examples below are based on a standard sized kitchen in standard design.

Island kitchens: DKK150.000 - 250.000
The island kitchen has a design where you often use more doors and drawers for more storage. Most of our customers choose this style if they have a larger room and most commonly together with a kitchen island.

Price example excluding appliances, countertop and mounting.

See an island kitchen here.

Minimalist kitchens: DKK 75.000 - 150.000
A clean, minimalist kitchen style, fits in both the house and the apartment. Fewer details than many of our other styles, giving an affordable solution: The price obviously will also depend on the size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets.

Price example excluding appliances, countertop and mounting.

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Special projects: Price on request
All our kitchen designs are built from scratch in our own workshop, meaning that you can open the doors of your imagination and create the kitchen you always dreamed of, completely adapted to the room and your style. Contact us and tell us about your kitchen plans and we will help you. Read more about how to build a bespoke kitchen with us here (link to Create your dream kitchen).

See more special projects here.

Create your dream kitchen
A bespoke kitchen should not be complicated or expensive. That’s why we at Guld & Løvenholdt make it simple. You can read about how to order a bespoke kitchen here, and of course, we’ll help you with inspiration and advice all along the way.

Countertops and drawer design
We also offer custom countertops, tabletops, cabinets and drawers. With a large selection of drawer interiors, faucets and other bespoke solutions, you will be able to create your desired living space. We would also carefully select materials and colour palettes to match your needs for a harmonious blend with the rest of your home.

Contact us and you will receive further information on how to build a bespoke kitchen with us. When you have decided we will help you with all the design and answer all your questions throughout the process.