When working on design and space dimensioning, we often come up with unique solutions to optimize production with a focus on simplicity and comfort. Over time, we have created a wide range of custom furniture for different types of clients. Everything from modular shelving systems, wardrobe solutions and walk-in closets to daybeds.

We have turned some of these pieces into a small collection, manufactured in series. They are all rooted in our solid craftsmanship and the materials we care about.

In 2013 we created Amagerserien - a furniture collection that is based on simplicity and minimalism. Amagerserien is inspired by time and place where a signature angle, the Amagerangle, is repeated in all the series pieces. This furniture collection represents a calm universe of high-quality, hand-crafted pieces created to last a lifetime and designed to be entirely produced in Denmark. Explore this category for custom made furniture that fit the room beautifully.

If you like our furniture, feel free to order your piece of choice in our online shop. Click here to go to our shop.

Contact us at info@guldoglovenholdt.dk and you will receive further information on how to build your unique piece of furniture. No project is too small for us! When you have decided we will help you with the design and answer all your questions throughout the process.